About Us

Our Story

It all started in 1999 when our founders woke to a piercing cry and found their 3-month-old daughter with her leg wedged between slats and her face pinned against the mattress. Knowing traditional padded bumpers were unsafe, the breathable mesh liner was born. This game-changing alternative to padded bumpers set the bar in breathability. And that was just the beginning. 

For nearly two decades, we researched breathability, perfected our breathable mesh, and obtained numerous utility and design patents for innovation. Then, we decided to tackle the crib itself. In 2019, we launched our first mini crib combining the strength and integrity of traditional wood cribs with the peace of mind that‘s possible only with our patented breathable mesh. And in 2020, we expanded our furniture line with a 3-in-1 convertible crib and portable sleeper.

A pandemic didn’t stop us. Our dedication to science, safety, and social responsibility continued. We spent countless hours reading about the worldwide decline in birthrate. And it hit us! Eliminating harmful chemicals from our bedding and furniture wasn’t enough. 

Then, we leveraged our heritage of scientific research to expand our reach and make kids’ products safer through science—one category at a time. With a focus to eliminate chemicals from little loved ones’ environments, we expanded our family of brands.

That’s why we introduced PurePail™—a line of chemical free diaper pails, accessories and diapers. Our diaper pails hold 20% more diapers & generate 34% less waste while controlling odors without the use of added fragrances. And our diapers are made free of chemicals and common allergens—even latex, glutens and EU 26 fragrance allergens (identified by the European Commission and subject to labelling requirements in cosmetics in Europe). PurePail™ makes diapering pure and simple.

Most recently, we also debuted BB&CO™ shampoos, conditioners, and more—made without endocrine disrupting chemicals and made in the USA. Every product is carefully crafted to be free of EDCs—which have been linked to hormone-related health problems and falling birth rates. Just clean science. For today and tomorrow. Our future generations count on us.

Our Passion

We’re all about life’s little victories. Everything we do is to help parents and caregivers feel confident and in control—fully prepared to tackle whatever happens next.

Our Promise

We’ve got your back from birth to beyond…

With millions of breathable mesh crib liners protecting babies worldwide, you can trust us to bring you innovative and safe products that you’re guaranteed to love. 

Our products are built on a foundation of research and technology. With scientific breakthroughs and patented innovation, we pride ourselves as specialists in safe sleep. But that’s not all.

We’re just plain safety enthusiasts. So, we study kids products and safety standards from around the world to ensure we’re bringing you the highest quality products. And we strive to do so in the most socially responsible ways. 

Our community goes beyond borders. We learn from safety advocates and parents around the world. All with a goal to leave parents and caregivers more confident and in control. 

We do the groundwork on safety, so you don’t have to.